Photo Stitcher

Panorama maker and photo merger.


Vertexshare Photo Stitcher is one of the best tool that combines photos horizontally and vertically. It is also a panorama creator that creates panorama scene automatically.

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Heic File Converter

Free program converts .heic to jpg/png/pdf


Vertexshare Heic File Converter is a simplest and straightforward program that enables you to convert thousands of heic files to jpg, png and pdf files within in one click. Reliable and fast heic-to-jpg program.

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Photo Stitcher for Win/Mac

Photo Stitcher for Win/Mac enables you to create panorama photos automatically. You can also use it to combine and merge photos horizontally and vertically. We provide professional editing tools for you to customize the resulted imagesLearn More »

Photo Stitcher for iOS/Android

You can download Photo Stitcher to your iOS and Android phones to stitch photos and screenshots. The Photo Stitcher for mobile phones is best to combine screenshots to get scrolling and long screenshot.Learn More »


All features of Photo Stitcher.

Merge Photos

Merge photos vertically and horizontally.

Panorama Photo

Stitch multiple photos, recognize keypoints to create a panorama.

Before-After Photo

Create before-after photo automatically. No extra options required.

Scrolling Screenshot

Combine multiple screenshots and create a scrolling one.

Privacy Protect

100% offline. No data and files uploaded


Add watermarks to protect your creative work.

Editing Tools

Add annotations, rectangles, lines, and arrows by using inbuilt tools.

Crop Photos

You can crop each photo by enabling the stitcher and moving the image.

Adjust Spacing

Adjust the spacing according to your need. You can customize the inner space and outer space of each photo.

Design Color

You can choose the color you like to customize your the stitched image.


Stitch photos with only one click.

HD Results

Export high-definition results for printing and share.


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