Picture Colorizer by AI

Colourize picture automatically and add color to
black and white photos.

JPG or PNG. Max Size 5MB or 3000*3000

“I have used this app to colorize image and I feel satisfied by the results. The quality is good and the processing time is short. I have told my friends about this app and they like it as well.”

Matlyn Drewery

“No matter how old the black and white photo is, this app colorizes images pretty well. I love using it all the time and I recommend people to try it out.”

Daasia Sawtell
before-after picture by using picture colorizer

Colourize old picture and
restore the details.

Try our picture colorizer toole that converts black and white image to color online, based on the AI algorithm and deep learning.

Colourize black and white photo

No need to use Photo Editor tools to recolor black and white photos manually. Try the free tool and you can make it in seconds.

Learn more from historical photo

After coloring the old black and white photos, you could learn more from the historical photo. Let's bring new life to these photos!

See the world &
in color.

Color can help to tell a story. You may wonder how the old photos of your grandparents or the pictures in history textbooks look in color.

Asked Question

How dose this picture colorizer work?

ImageUpscaler uses AI technology and deep learning to learn how to add color to images. During the colorization process, the program analyzes the images and restore the color distribution of different objects. .

Is it for free to use?

This services is 100% free and no money required. Feel free to upload your image and start colorization.

Is there any limitation?

Yes. You can only upload images/photos/pictures no more than 3000px or 5Mb. Only JPG, PNG supported. No other options.

How about the privacy and security?

All images will be cleared automatically every day. We will not store any of the uploaded photos and use for other purpose.