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Webp to PNG/JPG/iCO.

Gif/Jpg/Jpeg/Webp/Svg/Bmp. Max Size 10MB or 8000*8000

“Vertexshare Webp Converter is an amazing online tool that convert images to webp and vice versa. The most important thing is that there is no need to upload your images to the server. Great job!”

Matlyn Drewery

“I have used this Webp converter tool for quite a while. Thank you for developing the tool that helps me to convert images to webp and webp to jpg and png. The batch process saves my life.”

Daasia Sawtell
reduce image size by convert jpg/png to webp

Convert JPG/PNG to Webp, make
your web faster!

WebP file format is a new image format released by Google that stores both lossy and lossless compression formats in high-quality.

Better website experiment.

By converting images to .webp, you can reduce the image size greatly without sacrifice quality. Improve the image loading speed for your website.

Fastest jpg/png to webp services

By using our Webp converter, you can add 30 images and convert them to webp in batch. No uploading required and the our tool will finish the process within a few seconds!

open webp by convert webp to jpg and png

Convert Webp
to Jpg/Png and ico.

Can not open and view the webp images on your computers and mobiles phone? Use our tool to convert them to the most popular image formats.

Open and view Webp images.

Generally, image viewers on Windows and Mac computer do not support to open and view webp images. Use our webp converter to transfer the webp images to jpg/png and open on your computer.

No need to upload

No Internect connection required. Just drag and drop your webp images and start the conversion immediately!

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Use Webp Converter
on Windows.

  • Convert webp to jpg/png/ico
  • Convert jpg/png/ico/bmp/svg/gif to webp
  • Free free to use and no limitations at all
  • Add hundreds of webp or other image files for conversion
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webp converter for mac

Transfer hundreds files on Mac.

Just like the Webp Converter for Win, we also provide offline application for your Mac computer. Download it now and convert hundreds images to Webp and convert Webp to Jpg/Png for free.

Asked Question

How dose this Webp converter work?

Vertexshare Webp converter uses advanced js technology to help users to transfer webp to image formats and convert image formats to webp. Fast and easy to use. Support batch process.

Is it for free to use?

This services is 100% free and no money required. Feel free to add your images and start conversion.

Is there any limitation?

There are some limitations indeed. This Webp converter could only convert file formats between png/jpg/svg/gif/webp/ico/bmp and jpg/png/webp/ico. Max size: 10MB and Max dimension: 8000*8000.

How about the privacy and security?

No images or pictures will be uploaded to server.