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Carefully designed. Convert thousands of Heic files to JPG image in one minute!

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HEIC file Converter could help you convert heic to PNG images in batch process.

convert heic to pdf


If you want to convert heic images to pdf, this tool is the one that you can trust.

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HEIC file converter is a 100% free Windows tool that no payment required.

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Convert heic photos

The Heic file is a new file format brought by Apple. This file format is a new image standard that has much better performance but less image size than traditional jpg and jpeg. Generally, the photos you have taken by using iPhone, are all the .heic file format by default. So, how to convert them to Jpg in batch and open them on your Windows computer? Using our Heic to jpg converter could be your wisest choice.

Command line.

We provide a simple solution for users to convert .heic to jpg and png by using command lines. Download the command line package. Unpack the zip file and put the included files in the folder where you store all of your Heic photos. Run the heicfileconsole.exe file to promote a cmd and enter "Start" and then "Jpg" or "Png". Then the program will start the conversion automatically and convert all the files in the folder to jpg or png.

Learn how to use the command line to convert heic to jpg.


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