Make it simple to
upscale images

Our AI Image Upscaler will make it quite simple and fast to upscale images, animes, cartoons in bulk. Increase image resolution without losing quality! We provide two upscalers you can choose: ImgUpscaler and ImgLarger.

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Make beautiful
and large photos.

Powered by the super-resolution AI technology, our Image Upscaler could upscale and enhance your photo automatically. Simple to use, support bulk processing, get stunning and amazing results.

  • Bulk processing. Upscale 8 images for each time.
  • Fast and Reliable. Only a few seconds for small images.
  • Support images up to 4000*4000px.
  • 100% free and upscale your images by 400%.
use image upscaler for upscaling animes

Check the result

From the before-after image below, you can check the resulted photo that processed by our latest image upscaling technology. By using our image upscaler, you can increase the resolution and get the details restored simply.

the result upscaled by PS
the result upscaled by ImgUpscaler

Asked Question

How does this image upscaler work?

ImageUpscaler uses AI technology and deep learning to learn how to upscale images. During the enlargement process, the program will sharpen and reduce the noise of the uploaded images.

Is it for free to use?

This service is 100% free and no money is required. Feel free to upload your image and start enlargement.

Is there any limitation?

Yes. You can only upload images/photos/pictures with dimensions no larger than 4000px or file size no bigger than 5Mb. Only jpg, png supported. All uploaded images will be upscaled up to 400%.

What’s the difference between ImgUpscaler and ImgLarger?

ImgLarger and ImgUpscaler both belong to Vertexshare Limited. ImgLarger is an all-in-one toolkit that provides all kinds of AI tools for your photos. The AI Image Enlarger is just one feature included. ImgUpscaler is an image upscaling tool that focuses on bulk image upscaling and enlarging. They have two different upscaling and enlarging algorithms.

How to choose ImgUpscaler and ImgLarger?

ImgUpscaler could upscale images faster than ImgLarger but may not have the best quality like ImgLarger. And, ImgUpscaler can only upscale images by 400% while ImgLarger could enlarge images by up to 800%. If you have multiple images and hope to upscale them all, ImgUpscaler would be the best. If you want to get the best quality, choose ImgLarger.

How about Privacy and security?

All images will be cleared automatically every day. We will not store any of the uploaded photos and use for other purposes.