How to Stitch Photos on Android

Why do you need a photo stitching app?

Sometimes we need to stitch or merge pictures to post it on social media or share it with friends. Some Android phones have a feature to do this but many phones don’t have this option. Even if your phone has this feature it is still easier and faster to use the 100% free app PhotoStitcher.

An Overview of PhotoStitcher

The Photo Stitcher app has many features to offer to Android users. Let’s take a look at all the features of this new app to take a scrolling screenshot. You can stitch pictures from your Android phone along the horizontal and vertical axis to form a scrolling photo. It is also possible to merge several Whatsapp screenshots into one large photo. A beautiful, funny, or informational comment makes your picture or scrolling screenshot even more enticing. The app supports annotations to complement your picture.

Even a holiday picture is your property. You don’t want others to use your picture as if it is theirs. To protect your intellectual property you add a watermark to your photo. You can create your watermark to give the picture a personal signature. When you upload pictures regularly it is nice to use different formats. Mosaic and mockups designs are added into the app as well. Making it easy for you to make a variety of scrolling screenshots. Quickly try out how different designs turn out and choose your favorite one.

Do you always make high-resolution pictures? No problem with the Photo Stitcher app! It accommodates merging, stitching, and editing high-resolution pictures just as easy as low-resolution pictures. Create beautiful photo compilations with high-resolution pictures with the app.

The PhotoSticher app is 100% free and is available for Android. What makes it even better is that the app comes without any ads or subscription obligations. There are no strings attached, just use all the services the app has to offer. Additionally, we respect your privacy. PhotoStitcher is a standalone app you can use offline. No data of you will ever be uploaded. The only thing you need is 20MB of free space on your phone and Android version 4.1 and higher.

What are the benefits of the PhotoStitcher app?

  • One place with complete service for photo stitching.
  • Take a scrolling screenshot with the app.
  • Within a few minutes and some clicks, you join photos together quickly.
  • You can upload your creation directly to social media and/or your friends.
  • All the editing tools you need to improve and combine multiple photos.
  • The app supports the use of high-dimension and high-resolution pictures for the ultimate result.
  • Supports watermarks, mosaics, mockups, annotations, and more.
  • 100% free, no ads, no subscription, no data uploads, simply no strings attached.

How to use Photo Stitcher to take a scrolling screenshot?

With Photo Stitcher making a scrolling screenshot is easy. First, select the photos in your Android phone you like to use to take a scrolling screenshot. Then, stitch the selected pictures together along the horizontal or vertical axis. It only takes a few clicks and your exquisite scrolling screenshot is ready. If you like to elevate your scrolling screenshot to an even higher level, you can use the editing tools to add watermarks, mockups, and annotations. You might want to hide personal information? That is easy too. Just blur or hide the part with personal information and your picture-perfect scrolling screenshot is ready to rock the social media community.


The Photo Stitcher app offers complete service to Android users to join photos together. All the editing tools needed to take a scrolling screenshot to a higher level are integrated into this app. You can also stitch, merge and edit all your high-resolution pictures with the Photo Stitcher app. In a few minutes, you combine multiple photos horizontally or vertically, ready to post on social media or share with your friends. Your privacy is secure on this app, without any data uploads or subscriptions. Making this app 100% free and without any ads makes it an easy choice to start using the Photo Stitcher app. Although highly unlikely, if you tried out the app and don’t like it, you can just delete the app. But most likely, you will keep using this app as the photo stitching app of your choice, from the moment you started using it.



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