How to Open Photo Stitcher Dmg File on Your Mac

Your Mac may promote an alert when you are trying to run the PhotoStitcher app downloaded from Pour official website. This happens because we have not released this Mac app to AppStore yet. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with our program. You can continue to use Photo Stitcher for Mac by following methods.

macos can not verify the developer

#1 Method 1. Grant an exception for the blocked app.

Choose the Apple menu and go to System Preference. Click on the “Security¬† & Privacy”

Select “Open Anyway” and you can open the dmg file and continue to run Photo Stitcher.

#2 Method 2. Save the app as an exception to your security settings.

2.1 Open Finder on your Mac and locate the PhotoStitcher.

2.2 Control-click the dmg file and then choose “Open” from the shortcut menu.

open photo stitcher

2.3. Click “Open”



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