How To Effectively Stitch Together Multiple Photos On An iPhone

Phones are an invaluable source of information, all of which is presented on a fairly small screen whose diagonal size usually doesn’t exceed 5.5-6.5 inches. When we want to pass that information forward, screenshots are one of the quickest and easiest ways to do just that. Unfortunately, iPhones don’t have a built-in feature to give you an option to combine multiple images or create a scrolling screenshot, which is often necessary when you have longer walls of text. However, by using certain third-party apps, you can bypass this issue and remove the limitations of your tiny screen.

PhotoStitcher – A Simple Solution Introduce

PhotoStitcher, a free and simple tool made to fill in the hole left by the iPhone’s missing feature. It doesn’t matter whether your images are vertical or horizontal; whether you like a fully automated process or prefer to have a bit of control – PhotoStitcher is completely customizable and packed full of everything that you can possibly think of. The app itself takes up no more than 50MB of storage space, and it works on all iOS versions from 9.0 onward.

Alongside giving you the ability to adjoin countless photos, PhotoStitcher also acts as a lightweight photo editor that houses multiple different effects, watermarks, arrows, mosaics and so on. You won’t have to waste any additional time on touch-ups through other apps since everything is in one place and easily accessible. The stitching and editing tools are conveniently categorized in different tabs to help you easily find whatever it is that you’re looking for.

Main Benefits

– Lightning Fast

The straight-to-the-point nature of PhotoStitcher’s user interface makes it very simple to use from the start. Once the app is booted up, the user is immediately prompted to select as many or as few photos as they want. Then, it’s only a matter of selecting the preferred options, and the process itself is done in just a few seconds. Without ads or subscription plans, you surely won’t be bothered by any interfering prompts.

– High Quality & Compatible

PhotoStitcher’s use of efficient algorithms ensures that the quality of each individual image is fully preserved. You can even edit the ratio of the pictures through the height/width sliders if you wish to make the end result more compact. Once you’re satisfied with the final look, you can export it in HD either to your photo gallery or directly share it to your friends through social media.

– 100% Secure

The app’s algorithms work fully offline, which removes the security risk associated with hackers and uploading the images to web servers. The pictures you choose to combine never leave the safety of your phone, which makes PhotoStitcher one of the safest apps of its kind.

How To Use It

1. Open PhotoStitcher and tap on the “Select Photos” tab.

photostitcher-start uploading photos

2. our complete image gallery is going to be presented – choose the photos that you want to stitch together.

photostitcher-select photos

3. Pick the alignment for your final stitched image – either horizontal or vertical.

photostitcher-combine photos horizontally and vertically

4. Modify the ratios of the images through the “Stitch” tab – initially, the ratio is 1:1.

photostitcher-stitching photos

5. Add the effects by clicking on the “Tools” tab – these include mosaics, arrows, curves, annotations, watermarks etc.

photostitcher-using editing tools

6. Once you’re satisfied, click on the arrow in the upper right corner and either save the image to your gallery or share it to social platforms.

photostitcher-save and share stitched photos

Tailor – An Alternative Method

Similar to PhotoStitcher, Tailor is an app that’s free to download and use, although it has a somewhat more complicated interface. However, unlike the previous app, Tailor is limited to only one stitching alignment – vertical. Because of this, it’s mostly recommended for combining things such as conversations, to-do lists, leaderboards, etc. While it’s able to precisely match edges of similar photos, stitching together more than two images can prove to be a bit problematic. It makes the modifying process quite difficult since it tries to do everything automatically. The app is ad-supported and if you wish to remove them, you can do so via an in-app purchase.


Until Apple decides to implement a feature of its own, photo stitching apps remain an invaluable addition to your everyday toolbox. There are a lot of free variations out there, but choosing the proper one can help you modify the image exactly as you want and ultimately save time. In this respect, PhotoStitcher is a unique, feature-packed powerhouse that’s attractively designed, simple to use, and best of all – completely free.



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