Two tools to make your black and white photos colored

As we all know, photographers always wish that their photographs look as realistic as possible. In the old days, people could not get full-color photographs because of the limitations of photography technology. All photos they shoot are black and white. You may have some old photos of childhood and want to see what your childhood was really like. Or you want to make the colored versions of these photos public on social media. Thus, you need to colorize these black and white photos to bring them back to life. Many years ago, it was a daunting task to make black and white photos colored because you had to master certain skills. Only a few people were capable of colorizing photos. But things have become different today. Due to the development of photo colorizing technologies, colorizing photos is much easier than before. It does not matter whether you have much experience in photo editing or not. Even though you are a beginner, with the help of photo colorizing apps, you can add colors to old photos with minimal effort. There are a lot of software products that enable you to colorize your photos and it will take much time finding reliable products. To save your time doing so, I will take you through two software tools to help you bring colors into black and white photos.

#1. CODIJY Colorizer Pro

Colorize black and white photos with CODIJY Colorizer Pro

CODIJY Colorizer Pro is an easy-to-use and powerful coloring studio. It comes packed with a series of professional utilities to manipulate the colors of the scene in your photo. This app lets you refresh the colors of some objects in the photo and keep the colors of the remaining areas. You can quickly tune the brightness, saturation, and hue to get the desired colors. Based on its top-notch colorization algorithms, CODIJY Colorizer Pro is able to reproduce the colors realistically for your black and white photos. CODIJY offers a 15-day free trial and costs $67 for a lifetime license. Although the price is a little high, it is worth giving it a shot.

Let's see how to use CODIJY Colorizer Pro to colorize a black and white photo in the following part.

How to colorize a black and white photo using CODIJY Colorizer Pro

  • Launch the program. Click on "File"->"Open Document or Image" to import the photo. You can also click on the "Project Explorer" button to add the photo into the program.
  • Go to the left-hand toolbar and select the "Pen" tool. Click on the "Line Mode" button. Set the size of the brush to 5 pixels.
  • Go to the "Color Libraries" tab in the right-hand pane. Choose one color in the "Color Libraries" tab. This color will be the color you fill the target area with.
  • Draw free-hand lines around the target area to create the coloring mask. You can press the "Spacebar" to cut off the line and modify the direction. Pressing and holding the "Spacebar" will switch to the free-hand line drawing mode. Free-hand line drawing makes it easier to draw over the small-size areas and the objects with irregular shape. Besides, it lets you easily control the distance to the borders.
  • Maybe the target area includes some parts you want to leave in black and white. Choose the "Decolor Pen" tool in the left-hand toolbar and outline these parts to create the decoloring mask.
  • Go to the top of the window. Click on the "Image Processing" button. The colorized preview will be generated.
  • There are two ways to export the image. Go to "File"->"Export Image" to export the image. Click on the "Save Document" button beside the "Project Explorer" button and hold the mouse button. You will see a drop-down menu. Click on "Export Image" to export the image. You can export the output image as PNG, JPEG, TIFF or other formats. By the way, the "Save Document" option is for saving masks, color history, and the image for anytime reference.

#2. Picture Colorizer

Colorize black and white photos with Picture Colorizer

Picture Colorizer is an online photo colorizer released by Vertexshare. Based on the latest AI technologies in deep learning, it accurately detects the realistic colors of black and white photos and restores the colors automatically. The bright side of Picture Colorizer is that it allows you to batch convert black and white the photos into colored ones. The downside is that there are limits to the image dimension and image size. You are only allowed to upload an image of no more than 5MB and 3000px*3000px. There is no need to create an account to use the service provided by Picture Colorizer. The service is totally free to use. All your images will be removed from the server everyday. On the whole, no matter whether you want to colorize classic film screenshots, portrait photos, or scenery photographs, Picture Colorizer deserves a try.


  • Colorize photos automatically and produce accurate results.
  • Easy to use.
  • Support batching colorizing photos.
  • No requirement for signing up.


  • The size of the image to be uploaded is no more than 5MB.
  • The dimension of the image to be uploaded is no more than 3000px*3000px.
  • Only allow you to upload PNG or JPG images.

Now, let's dive into the part of how to use Picture Colorizer to colorize a black and white photo.

How to colorize a black and white photo using Picture Colorizer

Step 1.

  • Drag and drop your photo into the drop box. Or press the "Upload" icon to upload your photo.

Step 2.

  • After your photo thumbnail appears on the webpage, press the "Start" button. The uploading and converting process will begin.

Step 3.

  • You will see a red "Download" button when the colorizing conversion is done.
  • Press the red "Download" button. The colorized photo will be opened in a new browser tab. Right-click on the photo and choose "Save image as" to save it to a destination folder.

The colorizing conversion is done

The original photo and the colorized photo


You may have several black and white photos. If you want to color them according to reality, try the two tools mentioned above. CODIJY Colorizer Pro lets you manually add colors to the certain parts of the photo while Picture Colorizer automatically restores the colors of the entire photo. Tell me which one you prefer by leaving a comment below.

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