Two image mergers to help you combine images

It is necessary to put some images together for different reasons. You visited many cities of a country and took photos of many historical sites. You want to put these photos side by side to show your trip in this country. You want to advertise an app with a banner. To make a banner, you need to stitch several images together. You take screenshots of different parts of a webpage and are going to combine them to make a long and scrolling screenshot. Or someone sent you some scanned parts of a picture and let you reconstruct an image with them. This is when you have to lean in favor of an image merger. There are numerous image mergers on the market. It takes much time to find easy-to-use apps from the vast sea of software products. To save your time doing so, I will walk you through two image merging apps with which you can easily combine images in this article.

#1. Photo Stitcher

Combine images with Photo Stitcher

Having a suggestive name, Photo Stitcher is a piece of photo stitcher software developed by Vertexshare. It enables you to combine images vertically or horizontally to get a neat photo collage. Besides, it provides you with additional editing tools and allows you to use these tools to edit your combined image.

Fire up Photo Stitcher and you will be presented with a black window. The window is basically divided into two panels. As you can see, what takes up most of the window is the preview panel. It is where you can zoom and pan the combined image, view any touch ups applied to the combined image in real time, and make edits on the combined image. A series of editing utilities are located in the other panel. You can use them to polish your combined image. You can add outer spacings to the combined image or spacings between adjacent images to form the combined image. Besides, you can crop the combined image from the top, side, and bottom to remove unnecessary elements. In addition, you can make annotations by drawing arrows, rectangles, and free-hand lines on the combined image. Furthermore, you can watermark your combined image to protect your copyright. You are allowed to add a single text watermark to the bottom of the combined image or fill the combined image with a tiling text watermark. What’s more, you can blur a particular portion of the combined image to hide your privacy. It is worth mentioning that you can adjust the colors of the spacing, shape you draw on the image, and watermark.

All in all, Photo Stitcher is a professional image stitching app with which you can combine as many images as you want in the vertical or horizontal sequence. Both beginners and experts can find it facile to make a seamless photo collage or scrolling screenshot and further retouch the combined image with Photo Stitcher.

Now, let's dive into the part of how to use Photo Stitcher to combine images.

How to combine images with Photo Stitcher

Step 1.

  • Launch Photo Stitcher. Navigate to the right-side panel and choose "HORIZONTAL" or "VERTICAL" designate the direction in which you combine images.
  • Throw your images into the preview panel. Or press the "Add" button to import your images. You can also click on "File-"Add Photo" to add the images into the program. To remove the imported image, click on the "Remove" button next to the "Add" button.
  • Maybe the imported images are not arranged in the desired order. Press the "Edit images" button beside the "Remove" button to open the "Edit images" panel. In this panel, you can drag and drop the images to rearrange them.

Step 2.

  • If the imported images are very large, when previewing how the combined image looks, you can't see the whole area of it. So, you have to make them fit the preview panel. Go to the bottom left corner of the window. Move the zooming slider to zoom out the combined image. You can also click on "Edit"->"Fit Screen" to make the combined image automatically suit the preview panel.

The images are imported into Photo Stitcher

  • Maybe you find that one image is obviously wider than another adjacent image. Then, you can crop the image to reduce its width. Go to the "STITCHING" section in the right-side panel and choose the right option. You will see some arrow buttons over the images. Press the leftwards arrow button or rightwards arrow button over the image you want to crop. Click on somewhere on the image and hold down the mouse button. Drag rightwards or leftwards to remove the side areas from the image.

Remove the side areas form an image

Step 3.

  • If you want to adjust the final size of the combined image, go to the bottom of the window to change its height or width.
  • Press "Save as" to export the combined image to a desired location. You can also click on "File"->"Save As" to save the combined image into a destination folder.

#2. OnlineConvertFree

Combine images with OnlineConvertFree

OnlineConvertFree is known as a powerful online file converter. It doubles as an online image merger. You can use it merge images for free. The downside of this app is that only two images are allowed to be combined at atime. Follow the steps below to combine images using OnlineConvertFree.

  • Scroll down to the "Output image" section. Click on the "First Image" button and the "Second Image" button respectively to upload your images.
  • Choose to position your images horizontally or vertically.
  • Choose one option to adjust the size of the image. Customize the thickness of the border.
  • When you are ready, hover your mouse cursor over the bottom of the "Output image" section and you will see the "SAVE & DOWNLOAD IMAGE" button. Press the button to download the combined image.

Combine images in OnlineConvertFree


Do you need to combine images? If so, make full use of two apps mentioned previously. Photo Stitcher allows you to combine an unlimited number of images but it is not a piece of freeware. OnlineConvertFree is totally free but it only lets you combine two images every time. Personally speaking, I prefer Photo Stitcher. It only costs 29 bucks for a lifetime license and is worth this price. If you have any questions about Photo Stitcher, leave your comment below.

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