How to upscale an image without sacrificing its quality

There are times when you need to enlarge your image. You want to add a profile picture but the size of the image you want to upload is smaller than the accepted minimum size. You want to publish a stream on a forum to propose a question. But inserting your image into the post is impossible. The size of your image is not big enough and does not fit the requirement. Enlarging the image is not a difficult task but the thing is that the enlarged image will lose its quality and become blurry. This is a little annoying. But don't be worried. Due to the development of the AI image upscaling technology, enlarging the image and keeping its quality can be achieved. As long as you use a piece of AI image upscaling software, you can get an upscaled image of which the quality is preserved. There are a large number of AI image upscalers on the digital market. Not all of these software products are reliable. If you want to save your precious time finding the appropriate AI image upscaling apps, please continue reading this article. In this article, I will introduce you to a nice app that can help you upscale your image without sacrificing its quality.

Vertexshare Image Upscaler by AI

Upscale an image without sacrificing its quality with Vetexshare Image Upscaler by AI

Vertexshare Image Upscaler by AI is a browser-based AI image enlarger. This piece of software is able to increase the dimension and size of the image while keeping its quality. No matter your images are figure photos, animal pictures, or urban landscape shots, you can use this app to upscale the image. You can choose to enlarge images by 200% or 400%. The conversion is very fast and the duration depends on the enlarging multiple you choose. Generally speaking, the conversion can be done within a few seconds to a few minutes. I would like to mention that Vertexshare Image Upscaler by AI has two disadvantages. The first one is that it does not support batch enlarging images. If you have many images to be upscaled, you have to process one image each time. The second one is that there are limits to the size and the dimension of the image to be uploaded. The allowed size of the image you want to upload can't surpass 5MB. The allowed dimension of the image you want to upload can't surpass 1200px*1200px. Vertexshare Image Upscaler by AI also has two advantages. It is totally free to use and does not require you to create an account for using its service. Vertexshare Image Upscaler by AI is an online app but don't worry about privacy leaks. It deletes all your images automatically every day. The highlight of Vertexshare Image Upscaler by AI is that it sharpens and denoises the image during the upscaling process. Overall speaking, Vertexshare Image Upscaler by AI is a great software tool to make your image larger without losing its quality.


  • This is a piece of freeware. No need to sign up for an account.
  • The image is sharpened and the noise is removed from the image during the conversion.
  • No data breaches because both original images and upscaled images will be cleared from the server everyday.


  • Batch upscaling conversion is not supported.
  • The max size of the image to be uploaded should not be bigger than 5MB.
  • The max dimension of the image to be uploaded should not be larger than 1200px*1200px.

Now, let's dive into the part of how to use Vertexshare Image Upscaler by AI to upscale an image without sacrificing its quality

How to upscale an image without sacrificing its quality with Vertexshare Image Upscaler by AI

Step 1.

  • Drag and drop your image into the drop box. Or click on the "Upload" icon to select and open the image.

Step 2.

  • After your image is added to the task list, you will see the enlarging option. The default setting is 2x. To enlarge the image by 400%, click on "2x" to open the drop-down menu and select "4x".

Step 3.

  • Press the red "Start" button to start the upscaling conversion.
  • You will see a red "Download" button when the upscaling conversion is finished.
  • Click on the red "Download" button and the upscaled image will be opened in a new browser tab. Choose "Save image as" to save the upscaled image to the destination folder.

The enlarging process is done


The PNG and JPG images are made of thousands of pixels. These pixels are squares. Enlarging PNGs and JPGs with image editors will enlarge the pixels. Therefore the enlarged images will look blurry. This is why we need AI image upscaling software. It compensates for each enlarged pixel during the upscaling process to ensure that the enlarged image won't become blurry. Vertexshare Image Upscaler by AI is such an app. Give it a shot and you won't be disappointed.

Vertexshare Image Upscaler by AI does a great job of enlarging your image. I would like to introduce another image tool developed by Vertexshare to you. That is Vertexshare Photo HDR. If you want to create a well-exposed HDR photo, try Vertexshare Photo HDR. Let's see how to create a HDR photo with this app in the following part.

How to quickly make a beautiful HDR photo with Vertexshare Photo HDR

  • Take three photos with different exposures. Launch the program and throw the three photos into the working area. You can also click on the "Add" button to import the three photos.
  • When the photos are imported into the program, their exposures will be blended together and a HDR photo will be shown in the preview panel.

The HDR photo shown in the preview panel

  • Click on the "Next" button. Then, press "Save as" to export the HDR photo to a desired location.

Vertexshare Photo HDR is very easy to use and only charges 29.95 dollars for a lifetime license. If you have any questions about it, please leave your comment below.

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