How to transform black and white photos into colored photos

It is indisputable that people always seek realism in their photos. They want to capture the scene in full color rather than in light and shadow. But due to the photography technology in the past, each one more or less has some old black and white photos. You may want to see what the old days were really like or share the colored versions of these photos through social media. Then, you need to transform the black and white photos into colored ones. Many years ago, colorizing photos required special knowledge and was laborious work. But nowadays, things are different. The contemporary AI photo colorizing techniques ensures that you can add colors to black and white photos quickly and easily even though you are a beginner in photo post processing. The internet is flooded with AI Photo colorizing software products. It is time consuming to find reliable software tools from the vast sea of products. You are definitely not willing to spend much time on it. To save your time, I will introduce you to a photo colorizing app you can use to reveal the realistic colors of old photos effortlessly.

Vertexshare Picture Colorizer

Transform black and white photos into colored photos with Picture Colorizer

As the name implies, Picture Colorizer is a photo coloring app. It analyzes black and white photos and turns them into realistic colors. It enables you to upload multiple photos and convert them at the same time. The conversion is superfast, which takes within a few seconds to several minutes. The size can't exceed 5MB. The dimension should not be larger than 3000px*3000px. If the dimension or the size of the image is over the limit, the image can't be uploaded to the server. Picture Colorizer is a good choice for those who don't want to register because there is no need to create an account for using Picture Colorizer. The service is completely for free. With regards to privacy and security, all your images will be eliminated from the server each day. So, data leakage absolutely won't happen.

Based on the advanced AI techniques in deep learning, Picture Colorize adds natural and consistent colors to black and white photos. In a nutshell, regardless of whether you want to colorize landscape photographs, portrait photos, black and white film screenshots, or animal pictures, Picture Colorizer is worth a shot.


  • No learning curves.
  • Totally free to use.
  • Bring accurate colors to photos.
  • Support batch colorizing photos.
  • No need to sign up for an account.


  • The size of the image to be uploaded is no more than 5MB.
  • The dimension of the image to be uploaded is no more than 3000px*3000px.
  • You are only allowed to upload JPG or PNG format.

Let's dive into the part of how to use Picture Colorizer to transform a black and white photo into a colored photo.

How to transform a black and white photo into a colored photo with Picture Colorizer

Step 1.

  • Drag and drop your photo into the drop box. Or click on the "Upload" button, browse to your photo, select it, and click on "Open".

Step 2.

  • After your photo is added to the task, click on the "Start" button to start uploading and converting the photo.

Step 3.

  • The conversion will be finished in a few seconds. When the conversion is finished, you will see a red "Download" button.
  • Click on the red "Download" to save the colorized photo to the specified location.

The conversion is done

The original photo and the changed photo

PS: How to colorize a black and white photo in Photoshop

As an Adobe Photoshop user, you may wonder whether Photoshop lets you colorize your photo. The answer is yes. In this article, I would like to take this opportunity to show you two ways to colorize your black and white photo in Photoshop.

Way 1.

  • First, you need to install the "Colorize Neural" filter. It takes about 130 MB of disk space.
  • Open Photoshop and load your photo into the program.
  • Go to the top menu bar. Click on "Filter"->"Neural Filters". The "Neural Filters" panel will be opened up.
  • You will see a "Colorize" option in the panel. Click on the toggle to turn it on.
  • Photoshop will begin colorizing your photo through its image recognition technology. You will soon see the real-life colors added to the photo.

Way 2.

  • This way doesn't automatically colorize your photo. You have to add colors to the photo manually. Throw your photo into Photoshop. Click on "Image". Go to "Mode". Choose "RGB Color".
  • Click on "Layer". Go to "New". Choose "Layer". The "New Layer" dialog box shows up. Click on "OK". This step will create a new transparent layer.
  • Go to the "Layers" panel. Open the "Blend mode" drop-down menu and choose "Color".

Open the "Blend mode" drop-down menu

  • Customize the foreground color. Go to the left-hand tool bar and choose the "Brush" tool. Set the size of the brush. Brush the areas you want to colorize. Change the color and paint other areas of the photo with another color.

The color has been added to the parts you want to colorize


The black and white photos tell stories about the past. To see what the real past is like, you need to take advantage of the AI techniques to restore colors of the old photos. Picture Colorizer is a handy tool to help you get the job done. I strongly recommend you give it a try. If you have any questions about Picture Colorizer, let me know by leaving your comment below. Perhaps, someday you will find another great AI picture colorizer. Tell me about it by sending me an email and I will add it to this article.

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