How to remove unwanted areas from your image

In the digital world, cropping a digital image is a necessity in many cases. A passerby appears in your wedding shot and you want to cut him out of the photo. You find some noise in some parts of your photograph and you have to remove these parts to get rid of noise. There are some unnecessary objects in your image, which distracts viewers' attention and needs to be deleted. To crop an image, you need to lean in favor of image croppers. There are innumerable image cropping apps on the market. It takes much time to find easy-to-use apps from a vast sea of software products. To save your time doing so, I'll walk you through two apps with which you can easily remove the areas you don't want from your image in this article.

#1. Photo Stitcher

Remove unwanted areas from your image with Photo Stitcher

Photo Stitcher is a nice lightweight app that aims to stitch images to make a collage and blend photos to create a panorama. It is worth mentioning that it provides a series of practical utilities to edit your image.

After you launch the program, you will see a sleek and clean window. This window is mainly divided into two panels. One is the preview panel. It takes up most of the window. In this panel, you can zoom and pan the image, view any changes applied to the image in real time, and make edits on the image. The other panel is on the right side of the window, which is filled with a collection of editing options. You can choose the horizontal direction or vertical direction in which you place the images to be stitched together. Besides, you can add frames to your image to make your image stand out. In addition, you can crop your image to get the desired section. What's more, you can draw free-hand lines, arrows, and squares on the image to make annotations. Moreover, you can watermark your image to protect your copyright. You are allowed to add a single text watermark or repeated text watermarks to the image. Furthermore, you can use different styles of mosaics to blur a particular part of your image containing your privacy. You are also given the ability to customize the colors of the shape, frame, and watermark.

All in all, Photo Stitcher is a piece of professional image merging software. It enables you to put images together to make a seamless collage and merge photos to create a beautiful panoramic picture. It is also possible to utilize its editing tools to retouch your image. Due to the simplistic layout and intuitive settings of this app, both novices and experts would find it easy to handle it.

Now, let's dive into the part of how to use Photo Stitcher to remove unwanted areas from your image.

How to remove unwanted areas from your image with Photo Stitcher

Step 1.

  • Drag and drop your image into the working area saying "Drag and Drop Your Photo here". You can also click on the "Add" button to import your image into the program. If the imported image is too large and you can't see its whole area, zoom out the image to make it suits the preview panel. The zooming slider is located in the left lower corner of the window. Another way is using the "Fit Screen" function. Go to the top of the window and click on "File->"Fit Screen". You can also make the image suit the preview panel by changing the default horizontal direction to vertical direction. Go to the "PICK Direction" section in the right-side panel and choose "Vertical".

Step 2.

  • Navigate to the "STITCHING" section in the right-side panel. There are three options you can choose to crop your image. The left option enables you to crop the image from top and bottom. The middle option allows you to crop the image from top, bottom, and side. The right option lets you crop the image from top, bottom, and corner. Select one option as required. Let's say, select the middle option. You can see four arrow buttons. Click on one arrow button. Click on the image and hold down your mouse button. Drag leftwards, rightwards, upwards or downwards to delete the unwanted area. If you click on one arrow button, then other arrow buttons will disappear. To make them appear, just click on the current arrow button one more time. If the right option is selected, when dragging leftwards or rightwards, you will crop the image diagonally and remove the parts from the bottom right corner or bottom left corner.

Crop the image in Photo Stitcher

The cropped image in Photo Stitcher

Step 3.

  • If you want to resize the cropped image, go to the bottom of the window and type in a proper value to change its height or width.
  • When you are ready, press "Save as" to export the cropped image to a desired location. You can also click on "File"->"Save As" to save the cropped image into a destination folder.

Photo Stitcher does a great job of cropping images. It costs 29 dollars for a lifetime license and is worth this price. If you are looking for a free software tool, Fotor is a good choice.

#2. Fotor

Remove unwanted areas from your image with Fotor

Fotor is a very nice web-based platform that meets all image processing requirements. It allows you to crop your image flexibly by using preset dimensions like sizes of social media cover, post, and thumbnail, basic ratios, square, free-form shape, and wallpaper size. Please note that to use the service provided by Fotor, you must register an account. Let's see how to use Fotor to remove unwanted areas from your image in the following part.

How to remove unwanted areas from your image with Fotor

  • Create an account and sign in with it. Press the "Edit a photo" button in the homepage.
  • You will be taken to a new webpage. Drop your image into the drop box.
  • Go to the left-hand "Adjust" tab and scroll down until you see the "Crop" option. Select the "Crop" option. The default preset dimension is freeform shape. Click on it and you can choose other dimensions. Go to the preview panel. Move your mouse cursor over the border of the marquee to adjust the size of the border. Click on the image inside the marquee and hold down your mouse button. Drag the marquee to adjust its position.

Crop an image in Fotor

  • Click on "Apply" and you will see the cropped image in the preview panel.

The cropped image in Fotor

  • Press "Export". Choose the format and quality for the output image. Click on "Download" to download the cropped image to your computer.


Thanks to the development of image cropping software, cropping images has never been easier than before. With the help of the two apps mentioned before, you can remove the needless parts from your image with ease. Give them a shot and you would love to put them into your arsenal.

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