How to obtain colored photos from black and white photos

Colored photos are very common in the 21st century. But in the early 20 century, all photos were all in black and white. You may have some black and white photos digitized from old film photos that show the lives of your grandma and grandpa. Someday, you just want to see what the world in the past was really like or want to share the colored versions of these photos online. This is why you need to colorize the black and white photos to get the colored ones. Many years earlier, it was a daunting task to turn black and white photos to colored photos. Doing this work needed a certain level of expertise and only a small number of people were capable of colorizing black and white photos. But owing to the advent of AI photo colorizing technology, the situation has changed. Colorizing black and white photos has been much easier than before. Even though you don't have special knowledge, you can quickly add colors to the black and white photo by using an AI photo colorizing app. Plenty of photo colorizing software products are available on the market. So, you will spend a lot of time finding a reliable product. I am sure that you want to save your precious time doing so. Therefore, I will introduce you to an app to help you obtain colored photos from black and white photos in this article.

Vertexshare Picture Colorizer

Obtain colored photos from black and white photos with Vertexshare Photo Colorizer

With a suggestive name, Vertexshare Picture Colorizer is a web-based app that is designed for colorizing black and white photos. Based on AI photo colorizing techniques in deep learning, this app smartly analyzes black and white photos and breathes realistic colors into them. You will be impressed that Picture Colorizer completes the conversion within a few seconds. You are allowed to upload multiple images at the same time and convert images in batches. One thing to note is that there are limits to the image size and the image dimension. The image to be uploaded should be smaller than 5MB in size and its dimension should be not bigger than 3000px*3000px. If the dimension or the size exceeds the limits, you can't upload the image to the server. I hope such limits, which are the downside of this app, will be lifted in the future. The bright side of this app is that you don't need to create an account to utilize the service. With regards to privacy and security, all images are removed from the server every day. So, it is 100% for sure that data breaches won't happen. One the whole, regardless of whether you want to colorize artwork photos, animal pictures, or landscape photographs, Vertexshare Picture Colorizer deserves a try.


  • Offer a free service.
  • Colorize black and white photos automatically.
  • Add accurate colors to photos.
  • The conversion is very fast.
  • No need to sign up for an account.
  • Support batch uploading and converting images.


  • The size of the image you want to upload can't surpass 5MB.
  • The dimension of the image you want to upload can't surpass 5MB.
  • The supported image formats are merely PNG and JPG.

Let's see how to use Vertexshare Picture Colorizer to obtain a colored photo from a black and white photo.

How to obtain a colored photo from a black and white photo with Vertexshare Picture Colorizer

Step 1.

  • Drag and drop your black and white photo onto the working area. Or press the "Upload" button, browse to your photo, select it, and click on "Open".

Step 2.

  • The photo thumbnail will show up in the task list. Press the "Start" button to start the uploading and converting process.

Step 3.

  • When the conversion is finished, you will see a red "Download" button.
  • Click on the download button and the colorized photo will be saved to the download folder you set for your browser. Or right-click on the red download button and select "Save link as" to save the colorized photo into a destination folder.

The colorizing is finished

The colorized photo and the original photo

As you can see, Vertexshare Picture Colorizer does well in colorizing a black and white photo. After obtaining the colorized photo, you may want to adjust its visual aspects like contrast, brightness, and saturation. Then, you can lean in favor of Vertexshare Photo HDR. Vertexshare Photo HDR is a professional app that mainly aims to make a HDR photo. It also gives you the possibility to apply different filters to your photo to tune the photo effects. Its free version leaves a watermark to the changed photo. If you want a watermark-free photo, shell out $29.95 to upgrade the free version to the pro version. Without further ado, let's see how to use Vertexshare Photo HDR to adjust the contrast, brightness, and saturation of your colorized photo.

How to adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of the colorized photo with Vertexshare Photo HDR

  • Launch the program. Throw your colorized photo into the drop box. Or click on the "Add" button on the top of the window to import your photo into the program.
  • Go to the bottom right corner of the window and press the "Next" button. You will be taken to another window.
  • Go to the right-hand panel. There are three parameters including brightness, contrast, and saturation. Moving each slider to adjust the value of each parameter until the photo effect fits your needs.
  • When you are ready, press the "Save as" button to save the changed photo to a desired location.

The changed photo in Vertexshare Photo HDR


Each family more or less has some old film black and white photos. Changing them to colored ones is very easy as long as you use an AI photo colorizer. Vertexshare Picture Colorizer is such an app. Using it to colorize a black and white photo only requires some button clicks. If you someday find other apps to handle the task, leave your comment in the comment section below.

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