How to conceal your information in the image

There are times when you have to conceal the information in your image. You intend to upload a screenshot illustrating your website issue to a forum but don't want people to see the domain of your website. You are writing a tutorial to teach people how to convert Latex to PDF via command lines. You take a screenshot of the CMD window, which shows your admin account you don't want others to see. You want to share a photo online to show off your new car but the photo reveals your license plate number. You are going to post the photo of the express parcel on social media to tell followers you have received the AJ 34. But you find that your address and phone number printed on the parcel are shown in the photo. To conceal the information, you can lean in favor of image editor apps to blur a particular section of the image. In this article, I will walk you through two apps with which you can easily get the job done.

#1. Photo Stitcher

Mosaic an area of the image using Photo Stitcher

Photo Stitcher is an image editing program developed by Vertexshare. Its name implies that this app is specialized in stitching images together. Photo Stitcher is also able to retouch images to meet different editing requirements.

Open Photo Stitcher and you will be welcomed by a sleek and clean window. The window is mainly divided into two parts. One part is the preview panel, taking up most of the window. In this panel, you can zoom and pan the image, resize the image by changing its height or width, and edit it. The other part is the editing panel, which is on the right side of the window. A collection of tools to touch up the image is distributed in this panel. You can add borders to the image and adjust the size of the borders. You are allowed to add outer borders to the image as well as borders between two adjacent images to be merged. In addition, you can crop the image from side, bottom, and top to remove unnecessary areas. Besides, you can draw free-hand lines, arrows and squares on the image to make annotations. What's more, you can protect your copyright of the image by adding a text watermark or repeated text watermarks to the image. Moreover, you can add a mosaic effect to a particular area of the image to protect your privacy. It is worthy of being mentioned that you are given the ability to customize the colors of border, shape, and watermark.

As a professional image merging software, Photo Stitcher allows you to create a neat collage and make a long and scrolling screenshot. Powered by the advanced panorama algorithm, it also enables you to fuse multiple photos into a wide field of view. You can harness its editing features to edit the image as required. No matter whether you are an inexperienced user or professional, you would find that Photo Stitcher can be easily mastered.

Now, let's dive into the part of how to use Photo Stitcher to hide your information by mosaicking a particular part of the image.

How to mosaic a particular part of the image using Photo Stitcher


  • Drag and drop your image into the program. Or click on the "Add" button to import your image. It is also possible to click on "File"->"Add Photo" to add your image into the program. To remove the imported image, click on the "Remove" button next to the "Add" button. Sometimes, you need to zoom and pan the imported image to make it fit the preview area. There are two ways to zoom the image. Drag the zooming slider at the bottom left corner of the window. Or go to the top of the window and click on the zooming-in button or the zooming-out button.

Step 2.

  • Navigate to the right side panel and scroll down to the "MOSAIC" section. As you can see, there are four types of mosaics. Select one type of mosaic. Move your mouse cursor to the part of the image you want to blur. Click on the image and hold down your mouse button. Then, drag back and forth to add the mosaic effect to the part until the part is completely blurred. If you misplace the mosaic effect, you can click on the "Clear" icon to remove the mosaic effect. If you want to restore the previous change applied to the image, click on the "Undo" icon beside the "Clear" icon to undo the operation.

Mosaic a particular area in Photo Stitcher

Step 3.

  • If you want to resize the image, go to the bottom of the window to change the height or the width of the image. Modifying the height or the width is up to the direction in which you place the image in the program. To change the direction, go to the "PICK DIRECTION" section in the right-side panel and choose "HORIZONTAL" or "VERTICAL".
  • Press "Save as" to export the changed image to a desired location. You can also click on "File"->"Save As" to save the changed image into a destination folder.

#2. PekoStep

Pixelate a portion of the image using PekoStep

PekoStep is an online free image editor that empowers you to edit your image and improve its visual aspects. You can take advantage of PekoStep to pixelate a particular portion of the image to hide your information. Let's see how to do it the following part.

How to pixelate a particular portion of the image using PekoStep

  • Go to the homepage of PekoStep. Go to the left-hand "Image Editor" pane and select "Pixelate".
  • You will be taken to a new webpage. Click on "File"->"Open Image File" to upload your image.
  • If you want to zoom the image, click on "Zoom" and select a zooming percentage. Move the rolling bar below the image to adjust the visible area.
  • Go to the "Pixelate" section. Choose a rectangle or ellipse as the shape of the marquee. Select the "Inside selection area" option. Pull the "Pixel size" slider to designate the intensity of the pixelation effect.
  • Drag the marquee around the portion you want to pixelate. You can customize the size of the marquee.
  • Click on "Apply" and the pixelation effect will be applied to the selected portion.

Pixelate a particular portion in PekoStep

  • Click on "File"-"Save image" to save the changed image to your hard drive.


Making some images public online will result in the leakage of personal information. There are plenty of image editors that can help you blur the parts containing your privacy and I have listed two of them in this article. If you know other good image editing software to handle the task, please let me know in the comment section below.

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