How to colorize your black and white photo

You may have a bunch of black and white photos. Decades ago, only a small proportion of people mastered the techniques to colorize photos. Thanks to the development of AI colorization techniques, making the photos colorized has been much easier than before. Even though you have never learned any skills about photo editing, you can add colors to your black and white photo with photo colorizers. Photo colorizers adopt AI colorizing algorithms to smartly analyze and colorize your photo. In today's digital world, a large number of photo colorization tools are available. You definitely don't know which are reliable and beginner-friendly. To save your time finding such photo colorizing tools, I will introduce you to some apps you can use to quickly colorize your black and white photos.

#1. Picture Colorizer by Vertexshare

Colorize your black and white photo with Vertexshare Picture Colorizer

Picture Colorizer is an AI software product released by Vertexshare. It allows you to colorize black and white photos automatically in seconds. No matter how old the black and white photo is, the app colorizes it very well. The supported image formats are JPG and PNG. The allowed image upload size is no more than 5MB. The accepted largest dimension of the image is 3000px*3000px. There is no need to register an account and sign in. The service is completely free for use. As for security and privacy, all images will be removed from the server every day. Based on the deep learning and the AI algorithm, Picture Colorizer accurately adds real-life color to the black and white photos. Give it a shot and you won't be disappointed.


  • Restore the colors of the photos accurately
  • Free to use
  • No requirement for creating an account


  • Only support PNG and JPG format
  • The max size of the image to be uploaded is 5MB
  • The max dimension of the image to be uploaded is 3000px*3000px

How to use Vertexshare Picture Colorizer to colorize a black and white photo

  • Drag and drop your photo into the drop box saying "Drop image or click the button".
  • Press the "Start" button to start the colorizing process.
  • Wait for a few seconds and you will see the red "Download" button.
  • Press the "Download" button to get the colorized photo.

The photo has been colorized by Vertexshare Picture Colorizer

#2. Photo Colorizer by Colorize

Colorize your black and white photo with Colorize Picture Colorizer

Colorize is a web-based service that offers a series of tools to retouch your photo. It allows you to colorize B&W photos, improve blurry photos, touch up portraits and repair damaged pictures. Photo Colorizer provided by Colorize aims to bring colors to black and white photos no matter whether they are face images, landscape photos or animal pictures. There is no need to sign up for using it. Powered by advanced AI technology, Photo Colorizer finishes colorizing photos within a few seconds. Just upload your old black and white photos and leave the colorizing job to it. All uploaded photos will be erased every 24 hours and they won't be used by others for any purposes without your permission. The batch conversion is supported. So, you can process multiple images at a time. The max size of the image to be uploaded should be less than 5MB. The dimension of the image should not be bigger than 3000px*3000px. You are only allowed to upload JPG, JPEG, and PNG.

How to use Colorize Photo Colorizer to colorize a black and white photo

  • Go to the top of the site and hover your mouse cursor over "Products".
  • Choose "Colorize B&W Photos". You will be taken to a new webpage
  • Throw your photo into the working space. Or press "Click or Drop Files" to upload your photo.
  • Press the blue "Start" button and the colorizing process will begin.
  • When the process is completed, click on the "Download" button to download the colorized photo.

The photo has been colorized by Colorize Photo Colorizer

Colorize also provides a desktop Windows and Mac software program named Picture Colorizer. It does not only add realistic colors to your photo but also lets you adjust a variety of parameters to optimize the visual aspects of your photo. Picture Colorize is not a piece of freeware. The free version leaves a watermark to your photo. To get a watermark-free photo, you have to shell out 29.95 bucks to buy a lifetime license. Let's see how to colorize your photo and enhance its quality with Picture Colorizer.

How to use Colorize Picture Colorizer to colorize a black and white photo and enhance its quality

  • Go to the top of the homepage and choose "Win/Mac". Press "Download for Win" or "Download for Mac" to download the installing program.
  • Launch the program and follow the wizard to install Picture Colorizer onto your computer.
  • Fire up Picture Colorizer and you will be greeted with a sleek and clean window.
  • Press the "Add" button to import your photo into the program. If you import the wrong file, click on the "Remove" button beside the "Add" button to remove the imported photo.
  • To make the photo fit the screen, you can click on the "ZoomIn" or "ZoomOut" button or press the "FitScreen" button.
  • Navigate to the top of the window and press the "Colorize!" button. The photo colorizing process will start. Your photo will be uploaded to the server and colorized. This means you should make sure your network is connected. The colorized photo will show up in several seconds.
  • Go to the right-side panel where a wild range of image editing utilities are located. You can use these utilities to tune the photo effects. Modify the brightness, contrast, saturation of the photo. Adjust the image sharpness to sharpen the photo. Reduce the digital noise level. Drag each slider to make adjustments to fit your needs.
  • Click the "Options" button on the top right corner of the window. Choose PNG or JPG as the output format.
  • Press "Save as". Choose "Save Photo with Effects" to save the changed photo to a specified location.

The photo has been colorized and its photo effects have been adjusted in Colorize Picture Colorizer


Your family has an album that includes old black and white photos. They do not look real to you and this is why you need to colorize them. With the help of photo colorizing apps mentioned above, you can turn your black and white photos into colored ones without any hassle.

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