How to adjust the exposure of the photo

You may have a lot of photos, some of which do not look as good as you want. They are overexposed or underexposed. Then, making some adjustments to them to enhance your photos is a necessity. When talking about adjusting photo effects, there is no shortage of advanced image editing software. But as a photo editing beginner, you do not want to spend much time on learning how to use a very complex program. If you're searching for some simple software tools to carry out the task, please continue reading this article. In this article, I will show you how to adjust the exposure of an image with two pieces of easy-to-use photo effect software.

Photo Effects

Adjust the photo exposure with Photo Effects

Photo Effects, developed by Vertexshare, is a user-friendly application that enables you to adjust the effects of a photo effortlessly.

The program window is composed of three panels. The left-side panel comes with a collection of predefined effects. The middle panel that takes up most of the window is for you to preview the changes you make. You can compare the original image with the changed image. The right-side panel consists of various parameter sections. Here you can fine-tune some parameters with regards to the photo exposure level, including exposure compensation, exposure compression, lightness, saturation, and contrast. You also can adjust the tone mapping, dynamic range compression, and sharpening. It is also possible to modify the highlights and shadows. What's more you can reduce the noise level in the image. Besides, there are some other functionalities including local contrast, white balance, vibrance, channel mixer, soft light, and vignette filter.

All in all, Photo Effects is a simplistic software program that lets you apply basic adjustments to your photos. You can use the preset effects to quickly process your photos to make them look great.

Let’s dive right into the part of adjusting the image exposure using Photo Effects

How to adjust the exposure of an image with Photo Effects

Step 1.

  • Drag and drop the image to the program. Or click on "File"->"Add Photo" to import the image.

Step 2.

  • Go to the section "EXPOSURE" in the right panel. Drag the slider to adjust the parameter to fit your needs. You can click on the "Eye" icon to compare the source image and the changed image. I'd like to explain each parameter in this section for you.

Exposure compensation

Exposure is defined as the amount of light reflected by the subject. When the camera captures a very bright subject, it will lower the exposure. Conversely, when a very dark subject is captured by the camera, the camera will increase the exposure. When you are not satisfied with the camera's exposure control, exposure compensation comes in handy. It is to override the exposure of the photo to match your preference. If you want to brighten the photo, increase the compensation value. If you want to darken the image, decrease the compensation value.

Exposure Compression

Exposure compression is used to slightly dim the overexposed areas. The default value here is zero. Increasing the value will burn the overexposed regions.


This parameter is used to set the black point. Positive values make the photo darker while negative values lighten the shadow parts of the image.


Lightness is the relative degree of black or white in the color. This parameter is used to adjust the shadows and highlights in the image equally. Increasing the value will add white to the image and make the color lighter. Decreasing the value will add black to the image and make the color darker.


Contrast means the separation between the darkest and brightest area of the image. Increasing the value will make the highlights brighter and the shadows darker, so the image will look more vibrant. Decreasing the value will bring the shadows up and the highlights down, so the image will look duller.


Saturation refers to the separation between colors. Changing the saturation will result in a more noticeable effect on vibrant colors and less noticeable effect on dull colors. The more saturated the color is, the more vivid the color appears.

The "EXPOSURE" section of Photo Effects

Step 3.

  • When you finish setting up the parameters, press the "Export Photo" button to export the image to a specified location. Or click on "File"->"Save As" to save the output image into a desired folder.

Image Online.Co

Adjust the exposure of a photo with Image Online.Co

Image Online.Co is a web-based app you can use to adjust the brightness and contrast in a picture, change the exposure compensation on a photo, and modify the saturation of an image. Thanks to a straightforward UI and intuitive options, ImageOnlince.Co is suitable for both newbies and professionals. Follow steps below to adjust the photo effects about the exposure with this online tool.

How to adjust the exposure of a photo with Image Online.Co

  • Navigate to the left pane and expand the "Image Filters" tab.

Change the exposure compensation of a photo

  • Select "Change exposure on photo".
  • Click on "Select image" to upload the photo.
  • Drag the slider to set the exposure value.
  • Press "Change exposure" to apply the adjustments.
  • Click on "Download – png" or "Download – jpg" to save your output image in a desired format to the hard drive.

Change the exposure compensation of a photo

Adjust the brightness and contrast of a photo

  • Select "Adjust brightness in image" or "Adjust contrast of image".
  • Upload the photo by clicking on "Select image".
  • Use the slider to change the brightness or contrast.
  • Press "Adjust brightness" or "Adjust contrast".
  • Press the download button in the right pane to download the PNG or JPG file. .

Adjust the brightness of a photo

Adjust the contrast of a photo

Modify the saturation of a photo

  • Select "Change saturation of image".
  • Press the "Select image" button to upload your photo.
  • Customize the saturation by dragging the slider.
  • Press "change saturation".
  • Click on the download button in the right pane to get a PNG or JPG file.

Modify the saturation of a photo


Sometimes, you want to adjust the effects on your photo to make it spectacular. If you are inexperienced and looking for an easy way to edit your photo, give the image filter tools mentioned above a shot. With the help of them, you can enhance your photo with little effort.

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