How to add watermarks to your photos

You took pictures of beautiful landscapes and made them public on the internet. Some days later you find someone uses your photographs as their own and post them on his social media page. Your art of work brings him many social shares. It is very annoying that your work contributes great amounts of traffic to others. To prevent someone from stealing your work, you can add watermarks to your photos. When it comes to watermarking photos, you need to turn to photo editing software. Although there are a large number of photo editors with the function of photo watermarking, not all of them are beginner-friendly. If you do have much experience in using photo editing apps and are looking for an easy-to-use app, please continue reading this article. In this article, I will introduce you to a photo editing program with which you can watermark your photo with no effort.

Photo Stitcher

Watermark photos with Photo Stitcher

Photo Stitcher is a piece of wonderful photo processing software developed by Vertexshare. It has two features. One is stitching photos together to make a collage or blending photos into a panorama. The other one is retouching your photo with built-in editing tools.

Fire up Photo Stitcher and you will be welcomed by a sleek and clean window. As you can see, the window is mainly composed of two panels. One panel is the preview panel. It is where you can zoom in and out the photo, pan the photo, modify its height or width, and edit it. The other panel is on the right side of the window. Several editing utilities are located in this panel. You can use them to touch up your photo. You can add outer borders to the photo and borders between the contiguous photos. Besides, you can crop the photo from the top, side, and bottom to remove the unnecessary areas and change the focus of the photo. In addition, you can add annotations to the photo by drawing squares, arrows, and free-hand lines on the photo. What's more, you are given the ability to protect your copyright by watermarking your photo. You can add a watermark to the bottom of the photo or a tiling watermark to the whole area of the photo. Moreover, if there is some sensitive information you want to hide in the photo, you can  add mosaics to the particular parts of the photo. Furthermore, you can adjust the colors of the watermark, border, and shape.

On the whole, Photo Stitcher is a photo stitcher app with extensive editing functions. Its advanced stitching algorithms make use of a seamless and speedy merging process. Merging a bunch of images can be completed within a few seconds. Irrespective of whether you want to create a panoramic photo, collage photos together, or combine images into a scrolling screenshot, Photo Stitcher is worth a shot.

Now, let's dive into the part of how to use Photo Stitcher to watermark a photo.

How to watermark a photo with Photo Stitcher

Step 1.

  • Throw your photo into the drop box saying "Drag and Drop Your Photo Here". Or click on "File"->"Add Photo" to add the photo into the program. You can also click on the "Add" button to import the photo. To remove the imported photo, click on the "Remove" button next to the "Add" button. When the photo is imported into the program, maybe it looks very large and does not fit the preview panel. Click on "Edit"->"Fit Screen". You can also pull the zooming slider at the bottom of the window to zoom it out.

Step 2.

  • Scroll down to the "WATERMARK" section in the right-side panel. There are two options in this section. Choose the left option. Pick one color in the palette as the color of the watermark. Type in a word in the "Enter Watermark Text" box. A watermark will appear at the bottom of the photo. Then, you can adjust the opacity and the size of the watermark by dragging the corresponding sliders.

Add a watermark to the bottom of the photo

  • If you choose the right option and enter a word in the text box, you will see that a watermark is tiled across the photo. Move the "Spacing" slider to adjust the spacings between watermarks.
  • Photo Stitcher allows you to resize the photo. If you want to do this, go to the bottom of the window. If you place the photo vertically, you can change its width. If you place the photo horizontally, you can change its height. The default setting is horizontal direction. To change the direction, go to the "PICK DIRECTION" section and select "HORIZONTAL" or "VERTICAL" as the direction in which you align the photo. Please note once you change the direction, all your edits will be discarded.

Add a tilling watermark to the entire photo

Step 3.

  • When you are all set, press "Save as" to export the changed photo to a desired location. You can also click on "File"->"Save As" to save the changed photo into a destination folder.

Speaking of editing photos, the first tool that comes to your mind should be Adobe Photoshop. I guess you might wonder how to use Photoshop to add a watermark to your photo. Applying a watermark to a photo in Photoshop is very easy. Let’s see how to use Photoshop to watermark your photo in the part below.

How to watermark a photo in Photoshop

  • Drag and drop your photo into Photoshop.
  • Navigate to the top menu bar. Click on "Layer". Go to "New". Then, select "Layer". The "New Layer" dialog will pop up. Name this layer and click on "OK". A new layer will be created.
  • Select the new layer. Go to the left-hand toolbar and choose the "Text" tool. Click anywhere on the image and type in a word as your copyright. A text will be added to the photo. Then, select the text with the cursor. Go to the top toolbar. Choose a font, adjust the font size, and pick a color for the text. Move the text to an appropriate position. If you need to tweak the opacity of the text, go to the "Layers" tab and drag the "Opacity" slider.
  • Export the photo to a specified location.

Add a text watermark to a photo in Photoshop


It's becoming more and more important to protect your photos and prevent people from using them without your permission. An effective way to do this is add watermarks to your photos. It is a piece of cake to watermark your photos by using Photo Stitcher or Photoshop. If someday you find other great software products to help you get the job done, please let me know in the comment section below.

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