How to add frames to your photo

You are fond of traveling and have taken a lot of beautiful landscape photos in scenic spots. You intend to share these photographs on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Before posing the photos, you may need to optimize them in some aspects. Usually, you want to tune the exposure or some other visual aspects. Apart from adjusting the photo effect, you may also want to dress up your photos with frames. Adding frames to your photo will bring people's view of the photo into focus and make the photo stand out. When it comes to framing photos, there are a lot of photo editors to help you get the job done. As a novice in photo editing, you definitely prefer a beginner-friendly photo editing program. To save your time finding such software products, I'll introduce two easy-to-use photo editing apps to you and show you how to use them to add frames to your photo.

#1. Photo Stitcher

Add frames to a photo with Photo Stitcher

Photo Stitcher is a software tool that is designed to collage multiple photos into one or fuse photos into a panorama. It enables you to touch up the merged photo with built-in editing utilities.

Open Photo Editor and you will be welcomed by a simple and clean window. This window is composed of two panels. One is a preview panel. Here you can zoom and pan the merged photo, modify its height or width, and edit it. The other one is on the right side of the window. There are some tools for you to edit the merged photo in several aspects. You can choose to align photos horizontally or vertically. In addition, you can add spacings between photos and outer spacings to the merged photo. Besides, you can crop the photos from the side, top or bottom to delete the unwanted parts. Moreover you can draw free-form shapes, squares, and arrows on the merged photo. What's more, if you want to make your merged photo public and protect your copyright, you can add a watermark to the bottom of the merged photo or full-page watermarks to its whole area. Furthermore, you can use different types of mosaics to mosaic a particular area in the merged photo to hide the sensitive information. It is also possible to customize the colors of the watermark, shape, and spacing by picking colors on the palettes.

Photo Stitcher is a nice piece of photo merging software. It combines photos seamlessly and expeditiously. The robust engine makes sure the merging process can be completed in a few seconds. Due to the minimalist layout and intuitive settings, it can be easily mastered by both less experienced users and professionals. Regardless of whether you want to blend photos into a panorama or stitch images into a collage or scrolling screenshot, Photo Stitcher deserves a shot.

Now, let's dive into the part of how to use Photo Stitcher to add frames to a photo.

How to add frames to a photo with Photo Stitcher

  • Launch Photo Stitcher. Throw your photo into the drop box saying "Drag and Drop Your Photo Here". Or click on "File"->"Add Photo" to add your photo into the program. You can also click on the "Add" button to import the photo. To remove the imported photo, click on the "Remove" button next to the "Add" button. If the photo does not fit the preview panel, click on "Edit"->"Fit Screen" to make the photo fit the preview panel.
  • Go to the right-side panel and navigate to the "SPACING" section. There are three options. Choose the right option or the middle option. You will see the frames are added to the photo. Select the desired color on the palette as the color of the frames. Drag the "Outer" slider to adjust the width of the frames.

Frame a photo in Photo Stitcher

  • Press "Save as" to export the changed photo to a desired location. You can also click on "File"->"Save As" to save the changed photo into a destination folder.
  • Perhaps you want to put some photos together and add both outer and inner frames to the stitched photo. Choose "VERTICAL" or "HORIZONTAL" as the direction in which you will place the photo. Drag and drop your photos into the working space. To adjust the order of the photos, click on the "Edit images" button beside the "Remove button" and rearrange the photos in the pop-up panel. Choose the right option in the "SPACING" section. Drag the "Inner" and "Outer" sliders to adjust the widths of the inner frames and the outer frames. Set the color of the frames as required. Export the stitched photo with frames to a specified location.

Frame a stitched photo in Photo Stitcher

Photo Stitcher makes it super easy to frame a photo. You can use it 15 times for free. To get a lifetime license, you have to shell out 29 bucks. If you want a free app to handle the task, BeFunky is what you should go for.

#2. BeFunky

Make photo frames with BeFunky

BeFunky is an all-in-one online photo editor. It has almost everything you need to manipulate photos. For example, you can turn your photos to sketches, paintings and cartoons, enhance your photos with an amazing collection of tools, remove the background from the photo, and create a collage with a button click. Without further ado, let's see how to use BeFunky to make photo frames.

How to make photo frames with BeFunky

  • Go to the top of the webpage in the homepage. Hover your cursor over "Create" and select "Photo Editor".
  • You will be taken to a new webpage. Click on "Open"->"Computer" to upload your photo.
  • Go to the left pane and choose "Frames". Then, you can see a wide array of dazzling photo frames like "Border", "Drop Shadow", "Decorative", "Vintage", "Art Deco", and "Floral". Choose one you like. Let’s say, choose "Border". In the "Border" tab, you can adjust the colors of the outer borders and the inner borders. You can also pull the "Outer Thickness" slider and the "Inner Thickness" slider to adjust the thickness of the outer borders and the thickness of the inner borders. You can even move the "Corner Radius" slider to adjust the roundness of the corners of the inner borders.

Frame a photo in BeFunky

  • Click on the "Save"->"Computer". Choose the format and specify the quality for the output image. Press "Save" to download the changed photo.


Adding photo frames is a perfect finishing touch. With the aid of the two photo frame makers mentioned above, you can quickly add frames to your photo to accent it and catch viewers' eyes. If someday you find other good apps to help you get the job done, please let me know in the comment section below.

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